Poker Player Earnings History

Have you ever been at a table and heard someone brag about how much they make playing poker? Chances are if you haven’t yet you will very soon. Online poker games are filled with people who boast about winning at poker. Hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and a screen name poker players tend to exaggerate about their win rate and profitability – perhaps even lie all together. Up until a few years ago they could get away with relentless bragging. Many websites now track earnings of players in tournaments and sit n go games. You can go on to these sites free of charge and search any players earnings.

Several search databases exist, but we have combed through the majority of database sites and come up with a few good ones. These poker earnings history databases track profitability in a few types of games like tournaments and sit n’ gos. For cash games you will have to rely on poker tracker and other data mining services. Each of these services tracks and ranks various players across different poker sites. You are usually allowed three basic searches per day free of charge. For additional features and searches you must have a premium membership. For serious poker players who rely on poker for income these databases may be a necessity. Here are a few reasons you may want to utilize poker player earnings history databases.

Measuring an Opponent’s Skill

Finding Loose Games

Disproving Statements Made By Opponents

Tracking Your Own Performance

Pocket Fives

Pocket Fives is a members only database that ranks various players across all poker sites. The best part about the site is its lack of charge. After signing up for a free membership you can search for other members of the site. The only downside to this feature is your opponents can do the same for you. Pocket Fives is strictly for tournament play rankings and player biography information. The website is well respected among the poker community and even ranks players specifically by world, country, state and city. This site can tell you what players are good in your home town, even if it is small and unknown.


If you have ever played a sit and go you will want to know what players at your table  are profitable. This will help you attack the weak players and stay away from the strong ones. Sharkscope is a earnings history database designed specifically for sit n go tournaments.  The service is so useful that some major poker rooms have contemplated banning poker players from using it. General visitors get five free searches per day with additional services and information costing a fee. Using the premium service is great for serious sit n go players. You can search for the weakest tables to play at  before buying in to a sit n go. As you already know table selection is important since you want to play against the weakest players possible.

Official Poker Rankings

If you want to know the collective career earnings of any of your opponents Official Poker Rankings is the site to visit. It organizes players by card room and ranks them out of the total player pool. The it provides interesting and useful stats like return on investment (ROI) and in the money (ITM) percentages. If you ever make it deep into a tournament this service can help you figure out what kind of tournament poker player you are up against. This service is provided free for a limited amount of searches. Visitors get three free searches per day before they are prompted to sign up for a premium service.

*Updated: OPR no longer carries Full Tilt Poker statistics.

The Poker DB

The Poker DB is under new ownership by Bluff Magazine. The site offers an unlimited amount of “basic” player searches. For detailed information on players you must subscribe for a premium membership. This provides detailed access to all datapoints. While free searches aren’t nearly as detailed, they are unlimited. Furthermore, covers all poker sites including Full Tilt Poker.

If you haven’t already heard of these services visit the sites right now and look up your own poker earnings. If you are playing in a tournament or sit n go right now check out the other people at your table. Using these services during play is a big advantage. You will instantly know who the good and bad players are without much effort. It may be the difference between a big cash and barely making the money. Perhaps a few free uses will convince you to go premium for a small monthly fee. Whether you use the services for dirt on your opponents or for a competitive advantage, the value is unmistakable – statistics don’t lie.

Use Earnings History to Your Advantage at Full Tilt Poker


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